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Ruth is Professor of Learning Disability Nursing at the University of South Wales, a post she has held for 12 years. Her current role also includes heading the Unit for Development in Intellectual Disabilities within the University. Prior to working in nurse education she worked with people with learning disabilities in a range of residential and community settings. Her research interests lie in the health needs of people with learning disabilities and in safeguarding people from abuse. Her PhD study used a participatory research approach and since that time she has undertaken a number of studies working with people who use services to develop and undertake research. She has published widely in relation to participatory research and in the field of learning disabilities. Along with a colleague she has also recently written a text book for nurses relating to safeguarding adults. She is Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Disabilities, Chair of the Royal College of Nursing Research Society Steering Committee and a member of the Welsh Government Learning Disability Advisory Group. She also chairs the All Wales Implementation Group for Strengthening the Commitment (the UK Learning Disability Nursing Strategy) and is taking a UK lead in respect to the research related recommendations of this strategy. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing.


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High cost placements for people with learning disabilities and complex and challenging needs

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People with learning disabilities who have complex and challenging needs may find themselves placed in specialist services, sometimes distant from family and local support networks, often at high cost to the commissioners.

Here Ruth Northway looks at the findings of a survey of commissioning teams in south east England reporting on the nature and costs of such placements.

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Empirical research to underpin developments in adult safeguarding still limited according to review


Local authorities have the responsibility for the organisation of adult safeguarding in England.

Here Ruth Northway looks at a literature review of the organisation of adult safeguarding services which set out to look at the characteristics of safeguarding practice.

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Survey of abuse of people with learning disabilities challenges view that women are not perpetrators and suggests known abuse is tip of iceberg


Today, we feature the debut blog of Professor Ruth Northway, who reflects on the implications of a paper which retrospective study looking at levels and types of abuse disclosed by people with learning disabilities referred to a psychology service.

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