Oral Cancer diagnosis: biopsy and histology still best method

herpetic ulcer on tongue

This Cochrane review of adjunctive diagnostic tests for oral cancer included 41 studies assessing vital staining, cytology, and light-based tests. The available studies were of poor quality detection with none of the tests being considered as a replacement for the currently used standard of a scalpel biopsy and histological assessment.

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Cost-effectiveness of oral cancer screening: results from India

A woman having a dental examination.

This study examined the cost-effectiveness of a visual inspection for oral cancer prevention in individuals aged 35 years or older, in India.  The authors concluded that oral cancer screening by visual inspection was cost-effective, particularly for a high-risk population. They reported that screening by visual inspection saved 269.31 life-years per 100,000 patients at a cost [read the full story…]