Could hormonal contraceptives make women less responsive to exposure therapy?


Natalie Morgan looks at the association between oestradiol levels, hormonal contraceptive use, and responsiveness to one-session-treatment for spider phobia in women.

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Later menopause linked with lower risk of depression

The menopause is about more than just hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings!

Meg Fluharty summarises a recent systematic review and meta-analysis that looks at the association of age at menopause and duration of reproductive period with depression after menopause.

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Oestrogen receptor variations linked with depression in later life

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The hormone oestrogen could play an important role in late-life depression, according to new research published in the August issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry. Oestrogen is best known as one of the significant hormones in reproduction. It is also believed to have a part to play in mood and mental health, because of [read the full story…]