Involving older people in commissioning: more power to their elbow?


This study of older people’s wishes and experiences of commissioning health and personal care services published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation was conducted by researchers from the London School of Economics. Key aims of the research: The aim was to understand how far, and with what effect, older people were involved in commissioning: 1. to [read the full story…]

Reviewing the evidence on homelessness, mental health, substance misuse and social exclusion

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The relationship between homelessness, mental health, substance misuse and social exclusion is explored in this new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The short report, which features contributions from projects in the Multiple Exclusion Homelessness Research Programme, highlights how policy and practice can make a difference in this area. Key points from the report include: [read the full story…]

The mental health impact of involuntary unemployment: the recession and the people of Bradford

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The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have today published five reports focusing on the impact of the recession on the people of Bradford. One study looked at the impact that involuntary unemployment can have on people’s mental health and well-being by investigating the coping strategies and emotional support that people require when they experience stressful life events [read the full story…]

Low incomes families finding it difficult to make ends meet, according to new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

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This report presents the 2011 update of the Minimum Income Standard (MIS), originally published in 2008. The standard is based on research into the items that members of the public, informed where relevant by expert knowledge, think should be covered by a household budget in order to achieve a minimum socially acceptable standard of living. [read the full story…]

Survey of teenage alcohol consumption: levels, patterns and influences

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The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have commissioned Ipsos MORI to conduct a survey which provides robust data on the levels and patterns of alcohol consumption and influences on drinking behaviour in 13-16 year olds.  The survey involved 5,700 teenagers from schools in England and data was statistically modelled using binary logistic regression to highlight the strongest influences [read the full story…]