The most talked about mental health blogs in 2016


André Tomlin presents the top 10 mental health blogs of the year and highlights our mental health podcast, our new #BeyondTheRoom digital conference service, and the institutional subscriptions to the National Elf Service that can bring real value to your staff and students.

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Top mental health blogs in 2015


André Tomlin presents his review of 2015, the year when the Mental Elf came of age. He highlights our top mental health blogs, showcases the #WeCATS and #ElfCampfire activities and explains how the new National Elf Service website can help you engage more with relevant and reliable research.

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Do you value your Mental Elf?


Today, as we publish our 1,000th blog, André Tomlin looks back at the last 3 years and reflects on the successes and the future challenges facing the Mental Elf and the National Elf Service. It’s a blog that really needs your comments, so please take 5 minutes to read it and send us your thoughts :-)

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My favourite bloggers in 2012


I look at a lot of databases, journals, websites and feeds to find the evidence that goes into the Mental Elf.  There are about 500 separate sources in total and I sift through 200-300 items each day to find the single golden nugget of evidence that I highlight. You can read more about this process [read the full story…]