Who is your favourite Mental Elf blogger? #MentalElfAwards 2019: it’s time to nominate!

Mental Elf Awards

We are so proud that this Mental Elf website has grown over the last few years to become one of the leading mental health research blogs. Our success is largely due to the amazing group of people who have contributed to the site. Our merry band of elves includes hundreds of mental health experts: people with lived experience, clinicians, practitioners, researchers, policy makers and many many more.

Today we are honouring all of our bloggers and saying a big THANK YOU for the fantastic blogs they’ve written and continue to write even during this difficult time. As a group, we are committed to communicating the findings of the latest reliable research that’s relevant to frontline UK mental health practice. Drop us a line if you want to join the elfin clan!

The Mental Elf Awards 2019 will also reward a small group of elite bloggers, and we want you to nominate your favourites!

Best Mental Elf blogger (2013-19)

Hundreds of people (382 at our last count) have written blogs for the Mental Elf and we want you to nominate your top 3 from this list of the top 100 most influential elf bloggers that has been compiled by our Editor in Chief André Tomlin. You may know and love our bloggers so much that you can just do this from memory, or if you need to reminisce please view the complete list of Mental Elf bloggers, find the person of interest, and read some of their blogs.

  1. Clive Adams
  2. Sally Adams
  3. John Baker
  4. Joe Barnby
  5. Andy Bell
  6. Victoria Betton
  7. Vishal Bhavsar
  8. Helen Bould
  9. Simon Bradstreet
  10. Rachel Brand
  11. Josefien Breedvelt
  12. Matthew Broome
  13. Mark Brown
  14. Lisa Burscheidt
  15. Peter Byrne
  16. Sarah Carr
  17. Emma Cernis
  18. Paul Christiansen
  19. Andrea Cipriani
  20. Natasha Clarke
  21. Alys Cole-King
  22. Dean Connolly
  23. Samuele Cortese
  24. Ioana Cristea
  25. Ian Cummins
  26. Suzanne Dash
  27. Caroline De Brun
  28. Alison Faulkner
  29. Mina Fazel
  30. Matt Field
  31. Meg Fluharty
  32. Andrés Fonseca
  33. Tamsin Ford
  34. Una Foye
  35. Suzi Gage
  36. Linda Gask
  37. Clarissa Giebel
  38. Amy Green
  39. Ian Hamilton
  40. Ben Hannigan
  41. Keir Harding
  42. Judith Harrison
  43. Joseph Hayes
  44. Laura Hemming
  45. Chris Hollis
  46. Mark Horowitz
  47. Samei Huda
  48. Liz Hughes
  49. Neil Humphrey
  50. Benjamin Janaway
  51. Sameer Jauhar
  52. Andrew Jones
  53. Joe Judge
  54. Dafni Katsampa
  55. Eleanor Kennedy
  56. Patrick Kennedy-Williams
  57. Olivia Kirtley
  58. Pooky Knightsmith
  59. Sarah Knowles
  60. Will Koehler
  61. Stanley Kutcher
  62. Nicky Lambert
  63. Alex Langford
  64. Keith Laws
  65. Kirsten Lawson
  66. Farhana Mann
  67. Warren Mansell
  68. Lisa Marzano
  69. Olivia Maynard
  70. Sarah McDonald
  71. Sally McManus
  72. Marcus Munafò
  73. Akshay Nair
  74. Josephine Neale
  75. Chris O’Sullivan
  76. Michael Ostacher
  77. Vanessa Pinfold
  78. Alexandra Pitman
  79. Lucinda Powell
  80. Shirley Reynolds
  81. Diana Rose
  82. Sarah Rowe
  83. Paul Salkovskis
  84. Christopher Sampson
  85. Lucy Simons
  86. Mark Smith
  87. Francesca Solmi
  88. Emily Stapley
  89. Eloise Stark
  90. David Steele
  91. Caroline Struthers
  92. Derek Tracy
  93. Alison Turner
  94. Alan Underwood
  95. Noortje Uphoff
  96. Rachel Upthegrove
  97. Andrew Watson
  98. Jasmin Wertz
  99. Katrina Witt
  100. Stephen Wood

It’s time to nominate now!

Please complete our super-quick online survey now, to tell us who you think should be honoured in the 2019 Mental Elf Awards.

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