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Tuba Saygın Avşar is a Health Economics Research Fellow in the Department of Applied Health Research at University College London. She works as part of the Health Economics and Data Theme in the NIHR North Thames ARC and the Evaluation Team at UCLPartners. She has in-depth expertise in applying appropriate and innovative health economics research methods to evaluate health, social care, and population health interventions and policies, focusing on national upscaling and implementation research. Tuba is especially interested in digital health innovations, AI-based technologies, smoking cessation interventions and implementation. Before joining UCL, Tuba worked at the University of Birmingham on an NIHR-funded project to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of left ventricular assist devices for destination therapy patients in the UK. She has a PhD in health economics from the University of Birmingham. As part of her PhD, she developed a complex Markov model to evaluate smoking cessation interventions for pregnant women. Tuba also worked as a research assistant in Turkey, focusing on topics related to Health Policy and Healthcare Management.


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E-cigarettes vs nicotine patches: are either adequate to support pregnant smokers?


In her debut blog, Tuba Saygın Avşar summarises a recent RCT, which finds that “E-cigarettes might help women who are pregnant to stop smoking, and their safety for use in pregnancy is similar to that of nicotine patches.”

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