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Dr Louise La Sala is a postdoctoral research fellow with the suicide prevention unit at Orygen, Centre for Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne. Her expertise is in the area of online behaviour and youth mental health, focusing specifically on the relationship between social media and youth self-harm and suicide. Louise is a lead researcher on the #chatsafe project, exploring the role social media can play in youth suicide prevention and developing interventions that support young people to communicate safely online about self-harm and suicide. Louise's research interests include youth suicide prevention, self-harm, social media, youth mental health, online interventions, online behaviour, and co-design.


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Trigger warnings: to use, or not to use? That is the question


A group of leading researches at Orygen Australia review a recent meta-analysis on the efficacy of trigger and content warnings on media outlets that indicates warnings may not be as helpful as we thought.

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Online experiences: a risk factor for suicide?


Louise La Sala and Jo Robinson review a UK-wide case series study of young people who died by suicide, which explores their previous suicide-related online experiences.

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