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Emma completed her Psychology BSc at Plymouth University, which is when her interest in psychosis began, particularly how and why it develops. Her dissertation on the association of schizotypal traits, autistic traits and cannabis-use received a first-class honour. As an undergraduate, she completed a year placement as an honorary assistant psychologist across three services: Plym Neuro-Rehab Unit, Assertive Outreach Service and Insight, Early Intervention Service. In London, she worked as a mental health support worker and then project deputy manager in a high-support accommodation, providing support to adults with serious mental problems. She is currently a MSc Mental Health Studies student at King’s College London and on placement at the National Psychosis Unit, Bethlem Royal Hospital. Her dissertation (combined with her placement) will be looking at patient reported lifetime rates of trauma on an inpatient ward.


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Rates of psychotic disorders: huge variability and important risk factors


Emma O’Neill summarises a systematic review and meta-analysis of the incidence of psychotic disorders, which looks at the distribution of rates and the influence of gender, urbanicity, immigration and socio-economic level.

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