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Eleanor Bailey is a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology at Swinburne University of Technology and has been a research assistant on the suicide prevention team at Orygen since 2014. Eleanor has worked across numerous youth suicide prevention projects, playing a leading or coordinating role in systematic reviews, Delphi studies, web-based surveys, and intervention studies in school and clinical settings. Eleanor is interested in examining how digital or social-media-based interventions may be used to support young people with suicide risk, particularly in clinical settings. Her PhD research involves exploration of the potential that online social-networking-based interventions may have to support youth at risk of suicide.


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Lived experience in suicide prevention intervention development: review of a decade’s worth of research


Eleanor Bailey and Jo Robinson explain that most suicide prevention interventions are developed without the involvement of people who have lived experience of suicide. They go on to make a set of recommendations for how future intervention research in suicide prevention is conducted and reported.

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