Progressive muscle relaxation may help reduce anxiety in schizophrenia


People with schizophrenia often experience psychological distress and anxiety. This can have a knock on impact on the positive (delusions and hallucinations) and negative (apathy, social withdrawal, cognitive impairments) symptoms of schizophrenia. As a result, there’s lots of interest in psychosocial approaches that may help patients relax. These include talking treatments like CBT, as well [read the full story…]

Measuring National Well-being: first annual report from the Office for National Statistics


The Measuring National Well-being programme was set up in 2010 with a focused aim, to ‘develop and publish an accepted and trusted set of National Statistics which help people understand and monitor well-being’. The idea here is that we need to add meaningful economic, social and environmental measures to sit alongside the traditional Gross Domestic [read the full story…]

Department of Health publishes national framework to improve mental health and well-being


The government has published the mental health implementation framework, which sets out what organisations can do to make the 6 high-level objectives of the mental health strategy No Health without Mental Health a reality. The 6 objectives of the strategy are that: More people will have good mental health More people with mental health problems [read the full story…]

Well-being knowledge bank launched by the Office for National Statistics


The Office for National Statistics is developing ways to measure national well-being. This work got underway in late 2010 with a consultation exercise that led to the publication of an initial report in July 2011. This has now been supplemented by a website that contains a range of publications. The aim is that these new [read the full story…]