Well-being knowledge bank launched by the Office for National Statistics


The Office for National Statistics is developing ways to measure national well-being. This work got underway in late 2010 with a consultation exercise that led to the publication of an initial report in July 2011. This has now been supplemented by a website that contains a range of publications.

The aim is that these new measures will cover the quality of life of people in the UK, environmental and sustainability issues, as well as the economic performance of the country.

The initial report contains a range of quotes from individuals who participated in the consultation exercise, e.g.

I think well being is related to having a fairer distribution of wealth, greater social mobility and being able to slow the pace of life.

You are measuring national well being in the UK which is made up of 60m individuals, so the focus needs to be on how well they are growing and changing, in the right direction.

National well­being is not just a case of economic or health success, or even the environment. Well­being is a measure of every sphere of life.


Well-being knowledge bank. Office for National Statistics.

Measuring national well-being: measuring what matters. National Statistician’s reflections on the national debate on measuring national well-being (PDF). Office for National Statistics, July 2011.

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