The reasons why veterans stop taking antidepressants

shutterstock_12020293 contemplative veteran

Adherence to drug treatment is a constant challenge for mental health practitioners, so any research that explores why patients stop taking their medication is usually of interest. There are many published studies that look at the reasons why people decide to stop taking their antidepressants, and these range from finding it difficult to cope with [read the full story…]

The majority of schizophrenia patients in Finland stop taking their antipsychotics within 60 days of discharge


We know that many people who take antipsychotic drugs find it difficult to cope with the side effects of the medication and this often leads to them stopping their treatment. This large Finish cohort study examines the risks of rehospitalisation and drug discontinuation in patients recently diagnosed with schizophrenia who have been prescribed antipsychotics. The [read the full story…]