Social Care in Northern Ireland – not as different as you might think


Catherine Needham reviews a study by Chapman (2019) which considers older people’s knowledge and understanding of the social care system in Northern Ireland.

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Introduction and Uptake of Annual Health Checks across Northern Ireland for Patients with Learning Disabilities

Helping someone with a successful benefits appeal, or into secure housing or out of a violent relationship might be our most effective therapeutic intervention.

People with learning disabilities are more likely to experience a range of health issues and one response to this has been the introduction of annual health checks by GPs.

Here, Alix Dixon looks at a study in Northern Ireland which set out to discover the impact of health facilitation posts on the uptake of these health checks

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High suicide rate in Northern Ireland linked to alcohol abuse

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‘Suicide and homicide in Northern Ireland’ is a new report from the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness. The report shows that there are links between alcohol use and the increased suicide rate that has been seen in Northern Ireland over recent years. Suicide has been falling elsewhere in the [read the full story…]