Are the specific techniques used by different psychotherapists likely to help people with depression?


Non-directive supportive therapy (NDST) has been defined as “a psychological treatment in which therapists do not engage in any therapeutic strategies other than active listening and offering support, focusing on participants’ problems and concerns” (Arean et al., 2010). We know from research studies that there are many types of psychological therapy that work well in [read the full story…]

Non-directive supportive therapy is effective for adult depression, according to new meta-analysis


We know that various psychotherapies are effective in treating adult depression, but there remains quite a bit of uncertainty about which specific therapies work best and what factors within the treatments contribute most to the improvement. This new meta analysis from a mixed group of researchers from the Netherlands, USA, Switzerland and Sweden, looks at [read the full story…]

Different types of psychotherapy for different types of depression: a summary of best current knowledge


Mental Elf readers have been voting for their favourite topics and top of the list at present are psychological therapies and depression. Us elves like to give people what they want, so here’s a review conducted by researchers in the Netherlands that summarises what we know about the effectiveness of different types of psychotherapy in [read the full story…]