Mastication and chronic disease in older adults


In this blog Carly Ross assess a review of the associations between objectively assessed masticatory performance, chronic systemic diseases and physical function in older adults.

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The number, location and distribution of 
the teeth affect chewing ability in older adults


Tooth loss tends to increase with age as a result of caries and periodontal disease.  In 1992 the World Health Organisation indicated that the treatment goal for oral health should be the maintenance of a functional, aesthetic dentition of at least 20 teeth.   The aim of this review was to assess the relationship dentition status [read the full story…]

Trial suggests that simplified technique for complete denture fabrication results in similar masticatory performance as traditional approaches


While oral health has improved complete edentulism is remains an important problem. While it is increasingly common for treatment approaches to use implant-retained prosthesis conventional complete dentures are still in widespread use.   Traditional denture construction protocols involve several clinical and laboratory stages and simplified approaches have been suggested.  The aim of this trial was to [read the full story…]