Norwegian study suggests users of senior centres would welcome inclusion of older people with learning disabilities

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Inclusion sits at the heart of policy relating to the support of people with learning disabilities. This Norwegian study set out to look at some practical implications of this in relation to providing support to older people with learning disabilities, in particular the views and attitudes of people using ‘senior centres’ in Norway to the [read the full story…]

Retirement planning for people with learning disabilities appears at odds with personalisation and inclusion


This Australian study set out to explore the issues relating to retirement for older employees with learning disabilities in supported employment services. The researchers discussed retirement in 6 separate focus group interviews, with staff from disability accommodation and employment services, members of mainstream activity programmes for older people, family members of people with disabilities and [read the full story…]

Service user consultation strengthens challenging behaviour strategy


A key component in any strategic service development is the consultation to seek the views of service users. This can prove problematic when consulting with people with learning disabilities, but a group of researchers in Worcestershire set out to do this in preparing a local challenging behaviour strategy They identified people to be involved in [read the full story…]

Focus group study of involvement of people with learning disabilities finds feelings of unfairness and inequality.

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Effective and meaningful engagement and involvement of people with learning disabilities in the services and support they receive is at the heart of current policy, with considerable effort being put into its promotion. This article looks at the live experience of involvement of people with learning disabilities who use services using a focus group methodology. [read the full story…]