Trauma-informed approaches in mental health: co-optable and corruptible?


Trauma survivors and mental health academics, Angela Sweeney and Danny Taggart take a serious look at the potential and risks for trauma-informed approaches as they are introduced into mainstream mental health systems and services.

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Lack of strategic commitment to annual health checks threatens to widen health inequality for people with learning disabilities

RCGP annual health check guidance

We have posted previously about health checks for people with learning disabilities, for example, the work of My Life My Choice, who looked at why it was that so few people with learning disabilities in their locality were getting access to annual health checks. We have also posted about the findings of a systematic review [read the full story…]

Call for help in two national research projects

There is sparse evidence for the efficacy and safety of antipsychotics in people with learning disabilities.

Normally here at WELD, we are in the business of reporting research findings and drawing attention to the evidence. However, two new research projects caught our eye this week as they are to do with subjects we have previously posted about. Both projects are looking for people to get in touch with their experiences, so [read the full story…]