Plagiarism in dentistry


In this blog Manas Dave looks at a systematic review examining plagiarism in dentistry. Twenty nine studies produced 23 datasets for assessment with the authors concluding that some level of plagiarism was unavoidable but needs to be managed by open discussion.

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Burnout in dentistry

Feeling about abuse were so strong people found it difficult to find words

33 papers on burnout in dentistry were included in this review with thematic analysis identifying a number of factors including; younger age, male gender, student status, high job-strain/working hours, those enrolled in clinical degree programmes and certain personality types associated with the condition.

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Patient-centred dental care: review finds poor understanding of the term in the limited available literature


Within the NHS the patient experience has become an important quality measure. These have been modeled on the Picker Principles of patients -centered care (PCC). This review assesses the evidence-base for PCC in dentistry and finds little research and poor understanding.

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