Atherosclerosis and periodontal disease is there an association?


This review looked at the evidence linking carotid atherosclerosis with periodontal disease 15 studies involving 17,330 patients were included. The overall pooled result showed periodontal disease was associated with carotid atherosclerosis, OR=1.27 (95% C; 1.14–1.41; P = 0.001). However, once adjusted for smoking and diabetes mellitus, this reduced to borderline significance OR=1.08 (95% CI; 1.00–1.18; P = 0.05).

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Daily psychological demands are associated with progression of carotid artery atherosclerosis

National Heart Month

As the British Heart Foundation National Heart Month draws to a close Lifestyle Elf and I were discussing their blog on heart attacks not being reduced in people taking vitamins and antioxidants which led to us to thinking about the relationship between stress and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Our colleagues in the Pittsburgh Health Heart Project [read the full story…]