What does evidence say for Making Safeguarding Personal?


In her blog, Lindsey Pike of RiPfA examines a literature review on adult safeguarding in Britain and considers the implications for Care Act implementation.

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What does ‘adult protection’ mean to social workers?


In her first Social Care Elf blog, Jo Moriarty, Research Fellow at the Social Care Workforce Research Unit, examines a study looking into the meanings attached to adult protection by social work practitioners.

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Safeguarding adults reports published by SCIE

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The Department of Health has commissioned the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) to produce two reports on adult safeguarding: 1. Governance of adult safeguarding The research for this report explored the governance arrangements for safeguarding adults. Drawing on a systematic review of the literature, workshops attended by safeguarding specialists, a survey of Safeguarding Adults [read the full story…]

New guidance from BMA to help doctors protect vulnerable adults

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The British Medical Association have published a toolkit for GPs, which provides practical advice to doctors on promoting and protecting the wellbeing of vulnerable adults. Although principally aimed at GPs, any professional working in health care settings with vulnerable adults will find it useful. The term “vulnerable adults” covers an extremely wide range of individuals, [read the full story…]

How to prevent abuse in the social care system: SCIE publish report on prevention in adult safeguarding

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A new report published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence shares findings from research, policy and practice on prevention in adult safeguarding and presents a wide range of approaches that can help prevent abuse. The key messages are: Prevention of abuse has not always been high on the adult safeguarding agenda, but there is [read the full story…]