Limited information on the effects of smoking cessation on clinical outcomes following periodontal therapy


Limited information on the effects of smoking cessation on clinical outcomes following periodontal therapy

Smoking is a known risk factor for periodontal disease. The aim of this study was to conduct an individual patient data meta-analysis to assess the effect of smoking cessation (SC) on clinical outcomes following the non-surgical periodontal treatment in patients with chronic periodontitis.

The Medline, Embase , CENTRAL and the OpenGray databases were searched for prospective cohort studies of at least 6 months duration. Reference lists of identified articles were also checked.

Articles were screened and data extracted independently and quality assessed using the Newcastle– Ottawa scale (NOS scale). The primary outcomes considered were clinical attachment level (CAL) and probing depth (PD). With plaque score, bleeding on probing, radiographic changes of the alveolar bone level, and number of teeth lost considered as secondary outcomes.

  • Two studies with a total of 78 patients were included.  Both studies were considered to be of high quality
  •  Smoking cessation seems to promote additional beneficial effects in reducing probing depths (PD) and improving attachment level following non-surgical periodontal treatment.

The authors concluded

….  only limited information on the effects of smoking cessation on clinical outcomes following periodontal therapy is available in the current base of evidence. Overall, it is reasonable to conclude that smoking cessation is an important component of periodontal therapy, and smokers should be encouraged to quit as part of their overall periodontal management.


A similar review has also just been published by  Fiorini et al, the aim of that review was to evaluate the effect of smoking cessation on periodontitis progression and response to periodontal therapy.  That review (only the abstract of which was available to the Dental Elf) also searched for prospective studies but only in the Medline and Embase databases. Fiorini  included 5 studies which were too heterogeneous to perform a meta-analysis. They also concluded, based on limited evidence that

smoking cessation seems to have a positive impact on periodontitis occurrence and periodontal healing.

A number of other reviews have also looked at smoking and periodontal outcomes and some of these are included in the links below.


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