COVID-19 Dental Elf blogs


Since the 25th of March we have published a number of dental blogs relevant to COVID-19.

Blogs published between the 25th March and the 14th May are available below.

Blogs published between the 18th – 26th May are available here.

Blogs published between the 27th May – 12th June are available here


14th May

Re-opening of dental services: A rapid review of international sources

13th May

PPE: Which comes first, the mask or the gown?

12th May

Dentistry, Diagnostic Test Accuracy (DTA) and the Covid-19 Antibody Test

11th May

Eye protection equipment for preventing transmission of COVID-19 in primary care

8th  May

What is the most appropriate gown/apron for preventing Covid-19 contaminated fluids transfer in dental practice?

4th  May

Mouthwash; can it reduce levels of Covid-19 in the mouth?

30th Apr

How much extra protection does an FFP3 mask offer in the dental surgery?

25th Mar

Surgical masks versus N95 respirators

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