COVID-19 Dental Elf Blogs -2


Since the 25th of March we have published a number of dental blogs relevant to COVID-19.

The blogs cover , dental teams generic risk of disease, baseline risk of covid-19, surgical mask types, gown types, eye protection, PPE donning order, Accuracy of  covid-19 diagnostic test and international recommendations for re-opening or re-structuring dental services.

  • Blogs published between 25th March 2020 and 17th March appear  on  an a page initially published on the 15th May and are available via this link.
  • Blogs published from the 18th -26th May are available on this page.
  • Blogs published between the 27th May – 12th June are available via this link.
  • Blogs published since the 27th July 2020 are availabel via this link.


26th May

The tyranny of average and guideline development for PPE


25th May

Free-standing clean air systems – are they effective in dental practice?

21st May

Re-opening of dental services: A rapid review of international sources -update

20th May

Covid-19 screening: Please may I take your temperature?

19th May

Which occupations have the highest potential exposure to the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

18th May

Are we sleepwalking into PPE paralysis?

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