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Victoria has been working in disability research at the University of Glasgow since 2011, using her Masters year to investigate the world of disability performance and dance. Currently she is working on her PhD in Human Geography, research which aims to understand more about the everyday experiences of home and decision-making for people with learning disabilities. Victoria‘s research interests lie in the mundane realities of living with learning disabilities and the creative ways in which researchers can explore these issues with their participants/ co-researchers.


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An evaluation of a community living initiative in Ireland


The move away from long stay hospital settings to community settings is long established in the UK.

Here, Victoria Smillie looks at an evaluation of a community living initiative from the Republic of Ireland which set out to chart the experiences of those who took part in the move.

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Autonomy for people with learning disabilities in support settings


How to balance the need to discharge a duty of care with the need to promote and support autonomy is a key question for those involved in supporting people with learning disabilities.

Here, Victoria Smillie looks at a qualitative study that used in depth interviewing of a small sample of supported people and paid supporters to identify and further explore these challenges.

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Qualitative research about Intellectual Disability: Who publishes it and how can it be better?


Qualitative methods engaging and involving people with learning disabilities are becoming more established in the published media, but there is still room for improvement.

In her debut blog, Victoria Smillie looks at an exploration of these methods which sets out to understand how qualitative methods such as interviews and focus groups, are represented in the published journals.

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