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Susie has been working with clinical populations since 2006, most notably within NHS primary, secondary and tertiary care services but also in university academic departments in both the USA and UK conducting disorder-specific research. Susie has a special interest in personality disorder and effectiveness of, and change processes within, the therapeutic treatments currently available. She has published in peer-reviewed journals on these topics and is currently working with Professors at University College London on related projects. Susie has several years’ clinical experience supporting people with personality disorder within NHS services and currently works as a Specialist Clinical Psychologist in a secure inpatient unit and an outpatient mental health crisis team delivering both group and individual therapy. Susie also works in private practice for HelloSelf. Therapeutically, she uses an integrative approach, drawing techniques from CBT and DBT, as well as ‘third wave’ approaches such as Mindfulness, ACT and Compassion-Focused Therapies. Susie is passionate about helping individuals to draw upon and develop their personal resilience when recovering from trauma, crises or deterioration in mental wellbeing. She also works with bereavement support charity, The Loss Foundation delivering therapeutic groups and workshops to those bereaved by cancer and she champions better mental health in the workplace as part of the Workplace Wellbeing Group.


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Passive sedentary behaviours increase the risk of depression in adults


Susie Rudge highlights a recent paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry which suggests that people with depression should be encouraged to replace passive sedentary behaviours with mentally active ones for the best possible chance of symptom improvement.

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