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Steven read Medicine at the University of Cambridge and then qualified as a Doctor at University College London (UCL). During his psychiatric training in north London, he completed an MSc in Psychiatric Theory and Research and worked as a Clinical Lecturer in Social and Community Psychiatry at UCL. His PhD, awarded in 2008, contained a series of studies and analyses on the subject of schizophrenia and employment. He took up his current post at the Warwick Medical School in 2009. Steven's research interests include the clinical and social outcomes of people with major mood disorders and psychotic disorders, including in their early phases. His research also currently focuses on understanding mood instability in the development of mental disorders, and its expression and significance in people with established mental illness.


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How consistent are international treatment guidelines for bipolar disorder?


Steven Marwaha publishes his debut blog on a review article that asks if there is consensus across international evidence-based guidelines for the management of bipolar disorder.

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