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Raphael is a training psychiatrist now working as a clinical research fellow at SLAM. He has an interest in medical education having completed a PGCert in Education and a year as a clinical teaching fellow in Bristol. In terms of research, Raphael is interested in psychopharmacology and especially novel psychotherapeutics. He is trained at the University of Oxford, where he also completed a BA in Cellular physiology and pharmacology.


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Maintenance or discontinuation of antidepressants for depression? Findings from the ANTLER trial

For every 6 people stopping their medication there was one additional relapse compared to those who maintained their antidepressant treatment, suggesting that stopping medication has an increased risk of relapse.

Raphael Rifkin-Zybutz and Sameer Jauhar summarise the recently published ANTLER trial, which explores whether antidepressant maintenance can reduce the risk of relapse in depression.

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