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Megan is a PhD researcher within the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath. Her PhD focuses on trauma and mental health in children and young people in low- and middle-income countries. Megan received a BA in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences from the University of Cambridge in 2020 and an MSc in Applied Clinical Psychology from the University of Bath in 2021. Before starting her PhD, Megan was a social sciences research assistant at Nottingham Trent University and collaborated on a range of research projects, including: the use of indigenous research methods in the context of sustainable development; the use of hate speech by and targeted at UK MPs since the Brexit referendum; and the evaluation of a social prescribing provision in Nottinghamshire.


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Is trauma a transdiagnostic risk for mental health problems? Recent umbrella meta-analysis suggests yes

Mental health services worldwide operate using discrete categories, but significant symptom overlap between different mental health disorders suggests that transdiagnostic approaches may be plausible.

In her debut blog, Megan Bailey summarises an umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses on whether psychological trauma can be considered as a transdiagnostic risk factor for mental health disorders.

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