Katerina Kavalidou

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Katerina has graduated with a PhD on Psychological Medicine from University of Glasgow in 2018 (Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory). Prior to this, Katerina completed her research masters at Karolinska Institute in Sweden (National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental Ill-Health) on mental health promotion and suicide prevention. She has worked as a senior researcher at Griffith University in Australia (Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention) and as a clinician at a Greek day centre for suicide prevention. Her interests include suicide-related risk for those with physical and mental illness multimorbidity; primary care and hospital presenting suicidal ideation; health care services as a suicide intervention point.


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Suicide risk in young people who self-harm and visit emergency departments


Katerina Kavalidou reviews a prospective observational cohort study on mortality and suicide risk in young people after they present to hospital emergency departments following episodes of self-harm.

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