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Jacqueline Kent-Marvick is a second-year PhD student and T32 pre-doctoral fellow at the University of Utah, College of Nursing (USA). Prior to this year Jacqueline was a Nursing House Supervisor, and has a background in leadership including Assistant Manager and Nurse Educator of an Ortho-Spine Unit. She received her BSN from Southern Utah University. Her focus of research is understanding how postpartum social networks influence health. She is particularly interested in the nature of social support within these networks, and the role of loneliness during the postpartum period as it relates to infant caregiving and health. Last year her scoping-review protocol for loneliness in pregnant and postpartum women and parents of children aged five years of younger was published by Systematic Reviews. The results of the scoping review are currently under review. She is engaged in research projects investigating postpartum depression and loneliness, intimate-partner violence, and the reproductive lives of women with physical or intellectual disabilities. As an active member of the University of Utah, College of Nursing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Outreach Committee, as well as the Western Institute of Nursing’s Diversity Task Force, she is committed to racial and social justice issues.


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Isolation and loneliness in women living with perinatal depression: how can we heal our dislocated self and relationships?


In her debut blog, Jacqueline Kent-Marvick reviews a qualitative study exploring the role of isolation and loneliness in the narratives of women diagnosed with perinatal depression.

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