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Jack Kerwin is a 4th year medical student currently taking a year out of medicine to study for an iBSc in neuroscience. With the encouragement of lecturers and , Jack has gone from knowing next to nothing about psychiatry to becoming keen on pursuing a career in mental health and is currently Co-President of KCL Psychiatry Society. Currently serving as Co-President of KCL Psychiatry Society, Jack is particularly interested in the role of psychiatry and mental health services in a city as large and diverse as London. Outside of medicine, Jack is interested in cycling, pubs and the history of the Labour Party.


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Should we be offering twice weekly psychotherapy for people with depression?


Jack Kerwin and Derek Tracy summarise a new RCT published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, which suggests that twice weekly psychotherapy (CBT or IPT) may be more effective than once weekly sessions for people with depression.

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