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Humma is currently doing a PhD at UCL on child and adolescent migration, social determinants and psychosis risk using a mixed-methods approach. I am particularly interested in the mental health of minoritised communities and women. She has previously worked at The McPin Foundation on a range of projects including the Right People, Right Questions project, peer support interventions for employment and for women with experience of multiple disadvantages. Humma has lived experience of mental health problems and uses these experiences to inform the research that she is involved in. Her interests include anti-racism in mental health, ethnic minority mental health, migration mental health, psychosis and migration, qualitative research, peer support, implementation and service user involvement, and global mental health.


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Addressing premature mortality in mental illness: the “Gone Too Soon” framework


Alvin Richards-Belle and Humma Andleeb review the Gone Too Soon framework, published yesterday in The Lancet Psychiatry, which suggests priorities for action to prevent premature mortality associated with mental illness and mental distress.

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Whiteness in clinical psychology: how do white female psychologists perceive whiteness?


Humma Andleeb reviews a qualitative paper on deconstructing Whiteness in Clinical Psychology and how White female clinical psychologists perceive whiteness in the profession.

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