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Heidi is currently a research assistant for the BALM Study at the University of York and a part-time PhD student. Heidi has previously worked on a short qualitative project with Middlesbrough Council and Teesside University investigating inclusivity in local public health campaigns. Most recently Heidi was Research Associate on a NENC NIHR ARC-funded project evaluating the NHS TEWV Nutrition and Body Mass Index Clinical Link Pathway for people living with Severe Mental Illness and/or Learning Disabilities. Heidi holds a BSc in Food and Nutrition from Teesside University and an MSc in Public Health from the University of York. Heidi is interested in the tailoring of mental health support and services to specific populations and in making public health information more inclusive and accessible to improve health literacy; weight management, and the obesogenic environment, mental health and addiction.


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Psychedelics-assisted psychotherapy for alcohol use disorder: room for more evidence


In her debut blog, Heidi Stevens reviews a recent US randomised controlled trial on psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for adults with alcohol use disorder, which leaves us with more questions than answers.

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