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Hazel (she/her) is a post-doctoral Research Associate in the division of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh undertaking work on the politics of suicide. Prior to this role, Hazel undertook her doctoral studies at the University of Glasgow’s MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit using qualitative methods to better understand young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people’s suicidal thoughts and attempts in Scotland. Her research interests primarily centre on LGBTQ+ mental health, suicide studies, critical suicidology, qualitative approaches to health research and the role of emotions in research practices. Methodologically she is interested in whether bringing sociological and psychological approaches to suicide studies into dialogue with one another offers opportunities to enrich understandings of suicide and improve interventions seeking to reduce and prevent death by suicide. Hazel's area of interests include qualitative suicide and self-harm research, LGBTQ+ suicide and self-harm studies, interventions for reducing LGBTQ+ suicide and critical suicidology.


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Risk factors for LGBTQ+ youth self-harm and suicide


In her debut blog, Hazel Marzetti reviews a recent systematic review and meta-analysis on victimisation and mental illness prevalence among LGBTQ+ young people with experiences of self-harm and suicide.

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