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Hannah Lamdin is a maker, writer and arts producer. Hannah studied International Relations and Development Studies at the University of Sussex and holds an MSc in Human Ecology from the university of Strathclyde. She has worked for over 15 years in both charitable and corporate sectors as a passionate advocate for people and the environment. She is particularly interested in how creative practice and craft help to positively define both individual lives and the wider community. She sits on the board of the Barbican's Idea’s Kitchen, writes, creates, and produces music and theatre events for families in London where she lives with her husband and their three children.


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The key to maternal mental health? Make it a collective experience again #maternalmhmatters


Carmine Pariante, Hannah Lamdin and Laura Godfrey-Isaacs mark Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week with a blog about the Maternal Journal workshops and events they run, to support pregnant women with a history of mental health problems.

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