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Geoff is a research fellow in the University of York’s Mental Health and Addictions Research Group. His research focuses on drug treatment within criminal justice, and for people with particularly complex needs. Geoff’s interest in this area was initiated by the 1990s rave scene, which indirectly led to him working as an addictions counsellor with a caseload of criminal justice clients in the mid-2000s. After completing a PhD somewhere down South he came to York in 2013, and has subsequently greatly enjoyed working on several projects centred on drug treatment, prisons, and policing.


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Women in prison have significantly more drug problems than men #WomenAndDrugs


Geoff Page publishes his debut elf blog on a new systematic review of alcohol and drug use disorders in recently incarcerated men and women.

We’re publishing this blog to coincide with the #WomenAndDrugs event taking place in York today, which you can follow on Twitter and via our live podcast.

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