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Geoff is a trainee clinical psychologist at the University of Surrey and his doctoral research is focused on cross-diagnostic experiences of voice-hearing. He has a PhD from the University of Sussex investigating the role of metacognition in psychosis employing neuroimaging and structural equation modelling techniques. Geoff worked as a lecturer in research methods after his PhD at the University of Brighton. He has a work history prior to his doctoral training in homeless, specialist psychosis, inpatient psychiatric and brain injury services. He has personal interests in social integration, social factors underpinning mental health and wellbeing, ethical and scientific integrity of research, and improving public understanding and involvement in research dissemination.


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How does age at onset affect outcomes in schizophrenia?


Geoff Davies publishes his debut elf blog about a recent systematic review and meta-analysis looking at age at onset and the outcomes of schizophrenia.

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