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Elana Covshoff has over a decade of programme management experience in the health and social care sector. Elana’s key area of expertise is developing and managing different health intervention programmes in sexual and reproductive health (SRH) in London. She started as the Programme Manager of SHRINE: Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Inclusion and Empowerment in May 2016 and the programme is working with a dynamic group of clinicians, rights holders (aka service users) and human rights experts to improve SRH service delivery and access to target vulnerable communities. She also works as a project management consultant for Community Matters managing one of the 11 national, first wave pilot sites for the new Trainee Nursing Associate role funded by Health Education England. Elana loves learning and trying to understand about how the world works through history, geopolitics, health and international relations. Being the daughter of a librarian, she also enjoys reading.


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Sexual function matters to people living with serious mental illness


Rudiger Pittrof and Elana Covshoff from SHRINE (Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Inclusion and Empowerment) explore a recent review, which looks at the impact of severe mental disorders and psychotropic medications on sexual health and its implications for clinical management.

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