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Colin Levey is Clinical Lecturer and Honorary speciality training registrar in Restorative Dentistry at Dundee Dental School. He was awarded a BMSc (hons) in Anatomy with Forensic Anthropology in 2008 before a BDS in 2011. Colin is completing a cariology PhD and has an interest in local anaesthesia. He co-leads undergraduate teaching of LA in Dundee.


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Pulpal anaesthesia for symptomatic irreversible pulpitis in mandibular molars

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Colin Levey takes a look at this network meta-analysis of 46 RCTs assessing techniques and drugs for achieving pulpal anaesthesia for the non-surgical endodontic treatment of mandibular molars.

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Dental Implant ‘drop out’ rates at 10 years – do they matter?


Colin Levey takes a look at a systematic review assessing the 10-year survival of titanium roughened surface, solid screw dental implants in adults. 4 RCTs and 14 prospective studies) were included traditional analysis and sensitivity analysis taking into account missing data was conducted providing a more conservative estimate of survival and a broader prediction interval.

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