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Hi, I am Abiodun Adefolarin, a physiotherapist now based in Saskatchewan Canada. I had my postgraduate training at Glasgow Caledonian University, UK and hold memberships of the Musculoskeletal Association of the Chartered Physiotherapists (MMACP), the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT) and the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (CAFCI). Although my background is in Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, I have a special interest in a the bio-psychosocial model of managing pain especially in adults with work-related onset of pain, giving consideration to the Physical, cognitive, affective and sensory dimensions of pain and not just “the faulty anatomical structure! I adopt Cognitive behavioural strategies as well as musculoskeletal management techniques to empower my clients. I teach coping skills for self-management, aiming to facilitate their self-efficacy in the acute, sub-acute and chronic stages of the pain experience. I serve on the governing body for Physiotherapy in my province and continue to seek out avenues to achieve my keen interest in research and evidence based Physiotherapy practice. Apart from enjoying time with my family and keeping up with my active children who are into dance, sports and music, I love the outdoors, running, hiking, tending my flowers. I also love to create unique cake designs, fruit and vegetable carvings. A down time on the piano and reading a great book is always a welcomed bonus!


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The effect of lifting during work on Low Back Pain


In this blog, Abiodun Adefolarin takes a look at a meta-analysis of observational studies, which is a health impact assessment of the effect of lifting on low back pain.

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Non-pharmacological interventions for preventing job loss in workers with Inflammatory Arthritis


In her first blog for the Musculoskeletal Elf, Abiodun Adefolarin discusses a recent Cochrane review that assesses non-pharmacological interventions for helping workers with inflammatory arthritis stay at work.

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