Composite resin restorations in posterior teeth – incremental or bulk fill?

Composite filling

This review of the performance (retention/fracture) of bulk-fill and incremental filled composite restorations place in the posterior teeth of adult patients included 14 RCTs. Only 4 of the studies were at low risk of bias and while no difference was shown between the two approaches but the number of failures was small small.

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Primary teeth: Efficacy of 3 caries removal strategies

caries upper arch

This review of the efficacy of 3 caries removal strategies (complete, selective and stepwise) in primary teeth included 8 RCTs suggesting a lower risk of pulp exposure with selective and stepwise approaches.

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No differences seen in marginal quality of the microhybrid composite restorations placed with regular and high-power polymerisation protocols at five years


Composite resin restorations are becoming a regular element of restorative dental care.  Usually they are photo-polymerised, and polymerization protocols are considered to be one potential factor in the marginal quality of these restorations.  The aim of this study was to compare the marginal quality of composite restorations employing two polymerisation protocols, namely regular versus high [read the full story…]