Orthodontic treatment of posterior crossbite


Treatment of posterior crossbite was rated in the top 10 most important orthodontic reviews by an international panel of oral health professionals as part of a Cochrane Oral Health Group prioritisation exercise. This new update to this Cochrane review found some evidence to suggest that the quad-helix (fixed) appliance may be more successful than removable expansion plates at correcting posterior crossbites. However, it is mainly low to very low quality.

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Review suggests that intraoral appliances are more effective than headgear in distalising upper first molars

shutterstock_59108206- orthodontic headgear

Moving the upper molars backwards during orthodontic treatment is sometimes necessary.  Appliances used for this are categorized in to intraoral or extraoral appliances. External headgear is one of the commonest distalising approaches.  The aim of this Cochrane review was to assess the effects of orthodontic treatment for distalising upper first molars in children and adolescents. [read the full story…]

Study suggests better outcomes for later treatment of deep bite

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The aim of this trial was to assess the outcomes of early vs late treatment of deep bite patients by means of anterior biteplane appliances followed by fixed appliance therapy. Patients with a deep overbite (> 4.5mm) and fully erupted maxillary and mandibular incisors were allocated to either early or late treatment. Treatment for the [read the full story…]