Dental implant failure risk higher in smokers finds review


This review compared dental implant outcomes in smokers and non-smokers. 15 studies (5 prospective and 10 retrospective) were included which suggest that the odds of implant failure are higher in smokers . OR = 1.96 (95% CI; 1.68–2.30), as is the amount of marginal bone loss.

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Some evidence of reduction of peri-implant bone loss with platform switching


The concept and use of platform switching has gathered pace with the increasing numbers of dental implants being placed. platform switching (PS), where a small diameter implant abutment is placed in order to place the implant- abutment interface medial to the edge of the implant platform is considered to have a positive impact on maintaining [read the full story…]

Review suggests that smoking may have a harmful effect on peri-implant bone loss


It is believed that a number of factors may affect peri-implant bone resorption. These may include local factors (e.g. surgical procedures, implant design and restorative procedures), or patient related factors such as systematic disease, smoking status etc.   The aim of this review was to determine the influence of patient-related systemic risk factors (systemic disease, genetic [read the full story…]