White spot lesions and masking with resin infiltration


This review of the long-term efficacy of resin infiltration therapy for white sport lesions with regard to aesthetic appearance and long-term stability included 11 studies 9 of which were RCTs. The findings suggest a benefit but the amount of evidence is limited.

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Post-orthodontic white spot lesions – lack of reliable evidence for management strategies


Only 8 studies at high risk of bias were available for this review of treatments for post orthodontic white spot lesions (WSLs) . They provide little reliable evidence to support remineralising or camouflaging strategies to manage WSLs.

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Trial suggests greater patient satisfaction with microabrasion and at-home bleaching protocol for fluorosis


Dental fluorosis is characterised by bilateral, diffuse, thin and horizontal white striations and stained plaque areas, with pitting and discolouration of the enamel in more severe case.  It is caused by excess fluoride ingestion during tooth development and can have an impact on quality of life.   The aim of this study was to evaluate the [read the full story…]