Combination of clinical and managerial expertise transform local healthcare, case studies demonstrate

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This collection of case studies is aimed at all people involved in the development and delivery of quality health services, in particular, commissioners, local authorities, voluntary sectors, and health professionals in all settings, including primary and secondary care. Some of the CCGs are also working with organisations from the retail sector, for example John Lewis. [read the full story…]

Short-term planning in support for people with learning disabilities is short-sighted and costly says survey

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Background Cost pressures on adult social care budgets continue, with evidence to the Select Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change suggesting that 85% of councils are implementing eligibility thresholds at ‘substantial’ or ‘critical’ needs. Adults with learning disabilities who are in receipt of adult social care support may need support for substantial periods and [read the full story…]

Must-Knows on health and wellbeing: in bite sized chunks


Health services are new territory for many Local Authority Councillors yet they will increasingly be required to get involved. Elected members and local authority staff play a key role in improving the health of our communities. Supporting innovation and improvement LG Improvement and Development focuses on the issues that are important to councils, using tried and [read the full story…]