Temporomandibular joint replacement


Temporomandibular joint disorders  (TMD) are normally managed conservatively however it has been estimated that aroung 5% require a surgical interventions (arthrocentesis, arthroscopy, condylotomy, and disc repair or removal (menisectomy). A small subset of patietsn may require Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) replacement . Indications for replacement include:- bony ankylosis failed previous alloplastic and autogenous joint replacement post-traumatic [read the full story…]

Does exercise reduce pain and improve physical function before hip or knee replacement surgery?

skeleton exercises

We are continuing our theme this week of exercise and physical activity as the  5×50 worldwide exercise flash-mob challenge starts on Friday 23rd November (see earlier post) Do you know anyone who is waiting for a knee or hip joint replacement? They typically experience pain, reduced muscle strength and function. So how can they prepare [read the full story…]