Dental implant placement into fresh extraction sockets


Mark-Steven Howe considers this review of dental implants placed into fresh extraction socket. While 30 studies were included in the review he looks closely at the 3 studies with the longest follow up.

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Dental implants – immediate placement in infected sockets may increase failure rates

shutterstock_79298812-implant placement

This review of dental implants placed in infected sockets included 7 studies all considered to be a at high risk of bias. The findings suggest that failure rates are higher in infected sockets but the findings should be interpreted with caution.

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Dental Implants placed in fresh sockets have poorer survival


This review included 44 studies involving a total of 1170 patients and 1974 implants finding significant better outcome in favour of the implants placed in healed ridges (99.4% implant survival) compared with post-extraction implants (95.6% implant survival).

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