Treatment of depression after a heart attack does not improve the long-term risk of adverse cardiac events but may increase survival

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Although there have been huge advances in the treatment of heart disease, it is still the UK’s biggest killer (more information on heart disease can be found at the British Heart Foundation’s website). Depression after a heart attack is common (roughly 20% prevalence) and can worsen heart disease and increase the risk of death.  A [read the full story…]

Depressed adults who take antidepressants for 12 weeks or more have a reduced incidence of heart attack

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This cohort study conducted by researchers from the St. Louis Veterans Affairs Medical Center set out to answer the question: Are antidepressants associated with an increased or decreased risk of incident myocardial infarction and all-cause mortality? 93,653 patients aged 25–80 years (average age 51.5 years, 14.1% female, 77.8% White, 57.1% not married) were identified using the [read the full story…]