PTSD: the current picture #ISTSS2019


Jon Bisson summarises an expert review written by Richard Bryant on post-traumatic stress disorder, which covers the current definitions of PTSD, its known prevalence and risk factors, the main models to explain the disorder, and evidence-supported treatments.

Readers who want to know more should follow the live coverage of the 35th annual International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies conference, taking place in Boston this week. The Twitter hashtag is #ISTSS2019.

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What is the best management approach for patellofemoral pain?


In this blog, Lesley Dawson considers a mixed methods study, which combined findings from high-quality systematic reviews with clinical reasoning from international clinical experts to produce a best practice guide for clinicians managing patients with patellofemoral pain.

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Key themes for development of community mental health services for people with learning disabilities


The evidence on prevalence of mental health issues in people with learning disabilities is subject to some debate, as a result of methodological issues in the published studies. Despite these difficulties, there is agreement that the prevalence of mental health problems in this group is high. There continues to be debate over the appropriateness of [read the full story…]